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Marble King Earns The Made In USA Moniker

By Staff | Feb 16, 2011

Paden City-based Marble King can carry the label ”Made in USA Certified,” thanks to a recent audit and now Beri Fox, president and chief executive officer of Marble King, said she wants to see Paden City become the first “Made in the USA Certified” city.

She is hoping the town’s other two manufacturers, Paul Wissmach Glass Co. and Carter and Mayes clothing, will follow Marble King’s lead and get the certification as they both company’s products are wholly made in America.

Marble King’s audit process took three weeks and was conducted by Made in USA Certified Inc.

Marble King also is the first U.S. children’s toy manufacturer to be granted license and unique USA-C ID: WV0AA.0075, to use the Made in USA Certified Seal, according to a news release.

The guidelines used in the analysis of the product and its origin meet and exceed those of the U.S. government and Federal Trade Commission. The Made in USA Certified seal assures consumers the ”made in USA” claim is true and verifiable.

”This new designation will confirm that marbles with our ‘Marble King’ label have been certified by a third party to have been made in the USA. As concern continues to grow with the safety of imports from China, especially as they relate to toys for children, we feel it is important to have this designation,” Fox said.

”In addition, there are marketing opportunities for us. ‘Made In the USA Certified’ plans to offer distribution opportunities for its certified companies. This ranges from booths at venues like the International Toy Fair in New York City to end cap displays at major chain stores.

”We look forward to working with them as these plans continue to develop. We feel that these opportunities will help market our products and increase our distribution. We also feel that this will increase the awareness that products are still being made in the USA.

The general public’s support in purchasing these products is critical to keeping American manufacturing jobs in America.”

Marble King manufactures almost 1 million marbles each day in Paden City.

The company’s marbles have been known for their high quality standards for more than 60 years.

Most of Marble King’s marbles are made using recycled glass from West Virginia glass factories, such as scrap glass from Fenton, that would otherwise find its home in a landfill.

Marble King is the corporate sponsor of The National Marbles Tournament held each June in Wildwood, N.J.

The tournament is for children seven to 14 years old, and college scholarships are awarded to the winners.

Marble King has been featured on ”John Ratzenberger’s Made In America” on the Travel Channel, ”Some Assembly Required” on the Discovery Channel, and most recently on ”The Colbert Report” on Comedy Central and ”The Martha Stewart Show” on The Hallmark Channel.

”Marble King is pleased to be the first children’s toy manufacturer to be Made in the USA certified,” Fox said.

Co-founder and President of Made in USA Certified Inc. Julie Reiser said, ”Marble King’s steadfast commitment to manufacturing toys in the U.S. is an example for U.S. manufacturers to follow. Marble King’s marbles will surely be in demand by children and their parents for a safe alternative to imported children’s toys.”

Marble King offers its products locally at its gift shop located near the plant in Paden City.