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From Brent and Donna Ferrell

By Staff | Feb 16, 2011

Am I a good person?

People often state that they’d give “a right arm” for their children, or surrounding children. But, would they? Even figuratively, is this honest?

We have a selfish human nature. It’s the dark side of humanity. Preachers used to share about sin and what it looked like. People understood right from wrong. Today, preachers often share how congregants can be better people, not how they are utterly sinful. We are taught that Jesus gives us a contented life. The church is there to help you have a better, more fulfilled life. So, there are meals, games, social groups, etc. within the church to keep you occupied and happy. Sometimes, there is a cause. Very often the cause is you – self-fulfillment.

The Bible explains that we are utterly sinful, i.e. bad. It also says we must not only believe, but act on those beliefs. Jesus said,  “…No one is good but One, that is, God. But if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments.” The commandments teach us what sin is. We have been taught to rationalize and tolerate sin from every direction, even the church. It’s common to attend church functions week in and out, yet feel unmoved by evil in our own life and around us; often, not knowing what evil is.

Newspapers will share opinions in print. Unfortunately, some truths can only be shared adequately using photographs, and certain photographs are restricted because readers may feel sensitivities threatened. Almost half of all pregnancies end in abortion. Would seeing the victim change our mind about getting involved to protect them? Would we scream for change to protect babies as young as seven weeks from being dismembered and butchered as photos reveal?

Personally, we thought that most people would step up and get involved if they knew what was happening. We thought ignorance was to blame for the 38-year holocaust. With the advent of Facebook, we obtained a tool to share the babies’ plight. Sadly, we are witnessing the effect of sin on the human mind and heart. Entertainment, sports, the children we spared from infanticide; these and more, strangle out the worth of our lives and even the thought of people who are brutally murdered before they’ve had a chance to see another human being. Who will lift a hand to stop it? To join a cause that has nothing to do with you call 304-455-6137.

Brent and Donna Ferrell