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Alpine Opens Again In Hundred

By Staff | Feb 16, 2011

The rebuilt and restored Alpine Theater in Hundred.

Charles “Chuck” Snyder worked tirelessly not once, but twice, to make his long-time dream of restoring Hundred’s Alpine Theater a reality. Snyder worked to restore the theater many years ago after it had been closed for decades, only to lose it to a fire in 2004. Around 2008 Snyder took up the challenge again and just over two years later the Alpine was again reopened. Snyder and friends celebrated the theater’s reopening with a special showing of Super Bowl XLV complete with hot dogs, popcorn, and soda.

The Alpine was a one-screen cinema that housed 225 seats. Now, the theater is multi-functional with a stage and drop-down “silver screen” handmade by Snyder and others made of canvas sheets sewn together. They also rigged a pulley system to raise and lower the screen. Presently the theater holds about 100 seats, but Snyder hopes to add more. The theater is also complete with necessary performance equipment including a sound system, microphones and stands, and a rotating lighting system.

Snyder credits many friends and residents with helping to restore the Alpine: Warren Campbell, Vince Tustin, Neil Morris, Mark and Chris Allen, Charles and Donna Himelrick, Peggy Tustin, Charlene Edwards, Mark and Carolyn McGill, Larry Gorby, Tom Roberts, and Israel Vanscyoc, among many others. “This was my dream, and they helped make it come true. I can never repay them,” Snyder says.

Snyder plans to show movies, new and old, and be able to keep the doors open on a daily basis to house different activities and provide a place for children to come and enjoy. “The children in this town need something to do,” Snyder says. He wants to offer a nice atmosphere for adults and children alike to gather and enjoy live music or partake in classic game tournaments. Snyder even has an impressive collection of Marble King marbles he would like to use for marble tournaments and activities.

He also hopes to rent the theater for events and special occasions. The theater holds several seats on the floor as well as at many tables. Snyder also has a full kitchen set up to hold traditional concession snack items.

Chuck Snyder, operator of the Alpine Theater, stands behind the beautifully hand-crafted concession area.

When Snyder reopened the theater the first time, he housed country and bluegrass shows every Saturday night.

Snyder hopes to bring those types of events back, starting with a country and bluegrass show this Saturday night beginning at 6 p.m. with The Big Country Boys, originally from the Clarksburg area with local ties, followed by Bluegrass Express. Each band will perform for 90 minutes. Admission is $5 each.

The Alpine Theater is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Hundred. For more information or to ask about performing or renting the theater call Charles Snyder at 304-775-5193 or call the Alpine Theater at 304-775-5052.