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Scam Enlists NMPD Number

By Staff | Feb 2, 2011

The New Martinsville Police Department is currently investigating a phone scam that involves prank calls being made falsely under the department’s number to residents.

Over the weekend NMPD dispatchers discovered at least five instances wherein confused and concerned residents called the department claiming they were phoned by the police department to give a statement of some kind.

NMPD Chief of Police Tim Cecil said that apparently an individual or group of individuals are using software or internet sites which allow prank calls to be made under any other phone number. In this case the prank callers are masking their numbers with the police department’s number, 304-455-9100, and telling residents to call or come into the department to give statements.

While it appears to be a harmless prank, the department is not taking the situation lightly. The scam is both inconvenient and potentially dangerous, and charges can be made if suspects are found.

If you receive a call that appears to be from the NMPD, Chief Cecil advises to call dispatch immediately to report the incident and to be sure the call is legitimate. To report a suspected prank call of this nature, call the New Martinsville Police Department at 304-455-9100.