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From Dale Huggins

By Staff | Feb 2, 2011

The snow melts, then it snows again. The trouble is, when the snow melts you see all the garbage that’s along the road going up Proctor Creek Road. This is due to the trash-throwing losers. The ones who live or visit Proctor. If you live up Proctor Creek and throw trash out, you’re the real losers. You see your garbage you have thrown out the night or day before. You must not care or have any respect for the people who live up Proctor Creek or any respect for yourself.

Then there are the people who visit or work in our area. To the people who visit: stay away. We don’t need you or your trash. Throw it in your yard or roads.

Then there are people who are working in our Proctor area. I’m seeing breakfast items being thrown out. Milk and juice bottles, fast food wrappers. Are the items being thrown out when you are going to work? Then there’s the beer can. Are these being thrown out when you are leaving work? This is only a question.

People park at state Route 2 and Proctor Creek Road. Are you the one who is throwing the trash out? Somebody who parks there knows who dumps his or her trash out the window. If you’re in the car or truck, you’re just as guilty.

It’s a sad day when we lost the respect of the area we live in.

When you look into the mirror, are you the trash-throwing loser?

Dale Huggins