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From Candy Gay

By Staff | Feb 2, 2011

The ducks from Lewis Wetzel Park pond are starving, legs frost-bitten, deformed, and every few weeks a duck is hit by a car passing by here on East Thistle Drive.

I know people feeding the ducks started this problem. But the town’s solution to this problem is nothing short of cruelty to animals.

To us that have to witness this cruelty every day we walk out our doors or look out our windows breaks our hearts. Especially during these harsh winter snow storms.

The old ducks are not going to leave. But to ignore them and let them suffer is not right.

A neighbor mentioned to me that years ago a woman wanted to take a few home to her farm. There, she had warm sheds and a warm barn for them to survive the cold winter nights. Someone stopped her and said she couldn’t take them because they belonged to the city.

During the summer, many a family was encouraged to take their children up to Lewis Wetzel Park pond and feed the duckies. This was the beginning of the problem of getting the ducks used to people supplying food for them. Even during the fall months.

They were conditioned by our people, our town. So why turn our backs on them now? They are still as cute and lovely as they were in the past when we enjoyed going to feed them on the pond.

I agree we need to stop feeding the future ducks. But why starve them and cripple them with frost-bitten feet now?

Why can’t we find farms for them as we find homes for our cats and dogs by adoption?

Please help me fight for a proper life and when their natural life ends, a pleasant ending–not under someone’s car wheel or starved to death.

I can’t stand another day of watching them suffer.

Take time to come here in the day time and get a good luck at their condition. They are tame.


Candy Gay

New Martinsville