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Shelter Finally Has Stray Dog

By Staff | Jan 25, 2011

Rosy Cozart, director of the Wetzel County Animal Shelter, cuddles with Earl, a stray dog who has been elusive in Paden City for approximately five years.

The Wetzel County Animal Shelter recently caught a stray dog named Earl who has been running loose in Paden City for five years. “We want the town of Paden City to know that Earl is off the streets,” comments Rosy Cozart, director of the Wetzel County Animal Shelter.

Earl took a liking to the glider on Carolyn Shinn’s back porch at her Paden City residence, where he would rest his weary bones on a green fuzzy blanket that Shinn provided for him. Shinn reported to the shelter that Earl showed up at her home on the day her husband passed away and has hung around ever since. She stated she was sitting on her back porch crying and he walked up to her and put his head on her lap, which is quite amazing as the shelter and the dog warden have been getting reports for the last five years on the “hairless beagle” that nobody could catch.

Following Shinn and Earl’s meeting, he began to follow her to the store and other errands she would do around town. Earl continued to roam the town (probably searching for the person who abandoned him) but would always return to Shinn’s porch. Many people in town felt sorry for him and tried to feed and catch him, to no avail. Many others were not kind to him.

On Jan. 18 Arnold Cochran, a WCAS volunteer, and Cozart went to Shinn’s home and picked up Earl who had quite a first day at the pound. He visited the veterinarian where he was given a physical and medication for his skin condition (determined to be flea allergies), and then on to the shelter for more shots, medicine, and a good scrubbing. He was then given canned food, all the dry food and water he wanted, and a clean dry indoor kennel with a fluffy clean princess blanket to sleep upon. He is quite content with being off the streets.

Rosy reports, “Earl is a sweet, quiet, loving, well-mannered dog who we estimate is approximately six years old. We are calling him a basset/spaniel mix. He will make a wonderful pet for someone. He just needs to learn to trust again. Many have not given him any reason to trust humans.”

For more information about Earl or other animals looking for adoption in the WCAS, contact the shelter at 304-455-5348.