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Judge Issues Capias Warrants For Absences

By Staff | Jan 19, 2011

While many appeared before Judge Mark A. Karl on Docket Day Tuesday, five defendants failed to do so, resulting in the issuance or continuation of capias warrants for their arrest.

A capias warrant was issued for Randy L. Lewis, 21, of 325 Virginia Street, New Martinsville, who failed to appear on Tuesday. Attorney Kevin Neiswonger, appearing on behalf of Lewis’ attorney David White, addressed the court stating Lewis may not have known Docket Day had been rescheduled and requested the capias be lifted if he was able to contact Lewis before the end of the day. Karl said the capias would continue unless Lewis appeared sometime that day.

Lewis is facing a one-count indictment wherein during the summer of 2008 in Wetzel County, Lewis allegedly committed the felony offense of sexual assault in the third degree in that he, being 16 years old or more, engaged in sexual intercourse with a female child who was not married to Lewis.

Meanwhile, several capias warrants continue into this term. Brian Tyler Russell, 20, of 819 Fifth Street, New Martinsville, first had a warrant issued against him for failing to appear at his last hearing on Dec. 1. He failed to appear again on Tuesday, and thusly his capias continues.

On Oct. 4 Russell entered a plea of innocence for his one-count charge of the felony offense of possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) with intent to deliver wherein on or about June 29 Russell is said to have possessed marijuana, a Schedule I controlled substance, in Wetzel County with the intent to deliver the same said marijuana.

Steven E. Straight, 53, of 10495 Mason Dixon Highway, Burton, failed to appear again on Docket Day. His capias continues.

Straight faces one-count said to have occurred on or about April 26, 2009, wherein Straight allegedly committed the felony offense of possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) with intent to deliver in that he did unlawfully possess with intent to deliver, a Schedule I controlled substance.

Paul Junior Chase, 62, formerly of 3500 Main Street, Pine Grove, and presently of 229 Summit Drive, Apt. D, Salineville, Ohio, also failed to appear in Wetzel County Circuit Court and so his capias warrant continues as well.

Chase faces a one-count indictment charging him with the felony offense of delivery of a controlled narcotic substance (Hydrocodone) in that on or about April 16 Chase allegedly delivered Hydrocodone, a Schedule II controlled narcotic substance, in Wetzel County.

Lastly, April M. Wood, 38, of 3413 Central Avenue, Shadyside, Ohio, also has a continued capias warrant for her arrest for her failure to appear in Wetzel County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Wood was previously indicted for the felony offense of uttering wherein on or about Dec. 20, 2009, in Wetzel County, Wood allegedly uttered and employed as true WesBanco Bank check number 6392 issued on the account of Virginia L. Abbott and Roger L. Abbott, and made payable to Wal-Mart in the amount of $341.99, by tendering the said check to Wal-Mart when Wood knew that said check was forged.