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Hundred Adopts Garbage Policy

By Staff | Jan 5, 2011

Hundred Town Council has started the new year off with the adoption of a strict new policy regarding garbage collection services. As a result of a backlog of unpaid garbage service bills, effective Jan. 1, the Town of Hundred will not collect garbage belonging to customers with an outstanding balance of $100 or more until customers begin making monthly payments of at least $50. Town Recorder Sherry Hayes reiterated that, as long as customers make their monthly payments, their garbage collection service will continue.

At their meeting held Monday night the council learned letters have been sent to 14 customers with such outstanding balances, notifying them of the new procedure and advising them that legal action will be taken in the event payments are not made.

  In other matters, the West Virginia Highway Safety Program awarded the Hundred Police Department with a barcode scanner and mobile printer to update the police department from a hand-written ticketing process to an electronic ticketing system. The new electronic system will be utilized as soon as the department receives the awarded items and wireless internet is made available to allow the technology to work properly.

Lastly, it was discussed that the Town of Hundred has actively sent out audit bid proposals to individual accounting offices for the years 2009 and 2010, but to date no one has responded to procure their audit. If no one responds to the proposals by Jan. 17 the council will have to contact the West Virginia State Auditor’s Office to conduct the requested audit.