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Stellar Stewart

By Staff | Dec 29, 2010

I’m no football expert. I don’t know all of the plays and I’ll never understand why holding is even a call (It’s football for crying out loud! Holding is what they do.).

However, I do love to watch a good football game and I am a West Virginia University Mountaineer fan. I am also a fan of Coach Bill Stewart. While I don’t know him personally, his reputation has been virtually impeccable until this recent coaching position debacle. Even through this, the only negative I?have heard about Stewart came in one newspaper article from an “unnamed source”. I have my doubts.

Despite Stewart’s record, he still isn’t good enough for some people. Truth is, he never would have or will be. He was doomed from the start.

When he was named head coach after the win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, there were two reactions-tears of elation at such a Cinderella, good-ole-boy story and cries of foul in crowning a leader based on emotion.

Those naysayers would never believe he was worthy of the title.

I have read some opinion pieces saying Stewart has one last season to redeem his winning reputation. I don’t believe that either because those same naysayers will still refuse to believe in his abilities. They will simply say the turnaround is thanks to the king-in-waiting, Dana Holgerson.

Stewart can’t win, even when the numbers say he does. Overall his record at WVU is 28-11. Last time I checked that is a winning record, the winningest in WVU?history in fact, but evidently not as stellar as some would desire. I’ll tell you what is stellar-Bill Stewart. . . the man, the coach, the one who puts up with all the negatives because he believes in what he’s doing.