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From Rich Erlewine

By Staff | Dec 29, 2010

If the old saying that “Misery Loves Company” is true, Joe Manchin and Oliver Luck should be about as tight as they come. Oliver Luck’s handling of the coaching change, necessary or not, was ridiculous. Joe Manchin was not at odds over the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy or he would have voted.

If you don’t vote, on any issue, elections or Congressional bills, you can’t complain. Robert C. Byrd would have voted. Joe Manchin stated he regrets not voting. Maybe West Virginians will regret sending him to Washington.

What’s his purpose? He spent 4.3 million dollars to get there and attends a family holiday gathering at a critical time. Shame on you! It’s not that long until 2012, Joe Manchin. Maybe I’ll go to a family function rather than vote. I have voted in every local, state, and national election since 1968 when I was in combat and not old enough to vote.

As for the company of misery, Oliver Luck ranks right with Joe Manchin. His handling of the change at WVU was atrocious. To win a national championship is every coach’s goal. To have an athletic director with a “win or else” attitude is intolerable and on the verge of blackmail.

Billy Stewart is a great coach, motivator, disciplinarian, family man, and a true Mountaineer. I would think that having every player receive a degree would rank higher than any national championship. True Mountaineers support each other.

I have not read or heard one positive comment from Oliver Luck supporting Billy Stewart. He is still the head coach and deserves better respect.

Billy Stewart is a friend of mine and a true and dedicated West Virginian. He’s a proud man and makes the best of any situation that confronts him in life.

It will be a long time, maybe never, before misery and company gain the same respect Billy Stewart has. The world needs more Billy Stewarts.

Rich Erlewine, True Mountaineer