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Through Children’s Eyes

By Staff | Dec 21, 2010

We hope you enjoy the Letters to Santa from local second graders as much as we did. Each year as we type their handwritten notes we find ourselves pointing out favorite requests, spellings, and the like. It is a joy to see what the children have on their minds this time of year.

Sure, most of them ask for whatever toys have caught their eyes this Christmas -often the ones with the most television commercial time. Although some of them ask for more utilitarian items. But some of the kids ask for much more. Many think about making requests for their families and pets. Those might be the letters that touch us the most.

We also enjoy the manner in which they write the letters; it reveals so much about their personality. We’re pretty sure we see the makings of a future debater, athlete, and drama club member.

Enjoy the letters. We sure did.