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PSD 1’s Phase IV Advances

By Staff | Dec 21, 2010

The agenda was light at this week’s Wetzel County Commission meeting. Eric Fecat of Belomar Regional Council was present for the commission to sign various forms pertaining to the Wetzel County Public Service District No. 1 Phase IV waterline extension project, including a form for the continuation of the environmental review and the agreement to release funds to Horner Brothers Engineers out of Clarksburg who have been working on the design phase.

Fecat stated much of the engineering design is complete. He shared that the next step in the project is to apply for another Small Cities Block Grant which is planned for March. This grant is hoped to cover the $1.3 million needed for construction.

Recently the Wetzel County Commission received $200,000 from a Small Cities Block Grant to assist in completing the design on this $3.6 million waterline extension project. This project will extend water to 94 households and eliminate a documented health situation in the areas along Chiselfinger Ridge, State Run Road, Eight Mile Ridge, and Richwood Run in the Jacksonburg area of the county.