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Copper Theft Increases In NM

By Staff | Dec 21, 2010

New Martinsville Electric Department Manager David White is asking the public for some help in stopping copper theft directly from the city’s power poles. “If anyone sees any suspicious activity around power poles, please contact the police department, 304-455-9100,” said White. Not only is it illegal, but extremely dangerous.

Also, White, in a written report to city council Dec. 6, thanked his department employees for their hard work on the Christmas lights. They were the subject of many nice comments. Also, the committee plans to meet and talk about buying some new decorations.

In other matters before city council, New Martinsville Police Department Detective Donnie Harris said his department has been very busy lately. There were a few armed robberies and sex crimes; they also made a few drug arrests. “Usually this time of year it kind of quiets down,” said Harris.

He further noted the department’s new radio system is now completely installed. The NMPD is digital, so their transmissions can no longer be heard on scanners.

Councilman Steve Pallisco, who chairs the police committee, said a patrolman has resigned and the city will be hiring after the first of the year.