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More Than A Bell Ringer

By Staff | Dec 14, 2010

Sean Maxwell of New Martinsville plays a cornet Saturday by the Salvation Army collection bucket at Walmart in New Martinsville. Maxwell, a member of the Magnolia High School Marching Band, had always wanted to use his musical skills in such a way after seeing a similar story on television or in print. His mother, Frannie Herrick, talked with Capt. Janna Torgerson of the Moundsville Salvation Army to see if it was possible. “She was more than thrilled to hear that he wanted to do it!” said Herrick.

All told, Maxwell played his cornet for about six hours with only a short lunch break, all because he wanted to contribute to the holiday season. One of the passers by said, “I loved that so much more than the bell ringing!” Another said, “I was almost in tears, it was awesome for him to do that.”