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From Thomas Stark

By Staff | Dec 14, 2010

Many of you will recall that back in 2009 when the Tea Party Movement began to really start making waves in the pool of apathy choking our country’s political processes, one of the terms that began to be heard more and more was “Progressivism.”

Sounds innocent enough on the surface, but when you simply look at the word itself, you begin to realize the insidious nature of it. It “progresses”, it gains “progressively”, and “progress” is measured in small steps. Like – get a real progressive elected to the White House = DONE. Like – get a national health care bill passed that puts control of everyone’s health at the mercy of federal bureaucrats = DONE. Like – use an innocent and worthy-sounding cause like fighting childhood obesity into the spotlight by having the First Lady support the move and then pass a bill giving federal bureaucrats control over how many bake sales a school can hold and what is served and in what quantity within a local school cafeteria = DONE. And like – using a relatively minor case of food contamination in the recent spotlight (another crisis anyone?) and we get the Food Safety Bill currently being pushed like a needle through Congress which will wipe out most if not all of the small farm operators, outlaw most home gardens, and prohibit the processing of venison by hunters for their own use. What better way to gain control over ALL the food supply than to reduce the number of people supplying the food and regulate the rest “’til the cows come home?”

All of these “progressions” lead to one ultimate conclusion – virtually complete control over all aspects of your private life by the federal government. After all, what we eat affects our health, so since the government is paying for most health care now, they should have the right to control what we eat, right? Wrong…just plain wrong.

When, for heaven’s sake, will the American people wake up and repudiate the liberal-progressive movement and its underlying socialist doctrine of government control of everything.

What happened to the rugged individualism that America prided herself in just a few generations ago? Progressively destroyed or can we come back? Only time will tell.


Thomas Stark

Parkersburg, W.Va.