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A Good Thing

By Staff | Dec 1, 2010

Beri Fox has done it again. She has represented Paden City and West Virginia well. Her bubbly, friendly personality engaged Martha Stewart enough while backstage of The Colbert Report to warrant an invitation to the homemaking maven’s own show.

We’ll be watching with pride Thursday morning as she and Stewart talk about marbles, something Fox knows a thing or two about.

As the president and chief executive officer of Marble King in Paden City, Fox has done a great job of promoting marbles and small business. While most other American marble makers have succumbed to foreign imports and closed their doors, King has stood her ground, keeping the marble industry alive in the local area. Her business sense has won out and we have no doubt her personal presentation has a lot to do with her success. With seemingly boundless energy, Fox always has a positive can-do attitude. She has made many television appearances and passed with marbleized colors.

We’re sure she’ll do just as well with Martha Stewart. Fox will represent West Virginia well, and that’s a “good thing”.