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Library Program Will Feature Price

By Staff | Nov 24, 2010

Dr. Michael Price

A New Martinsville native, Dr. Michael Price, is returning to his hometown for the Thanksgiving holiday and bringing with him some valuable knowledge in his new book, “How to Manage Money Like a Minister (The A-B-C’s of Pinching Pennies Like a Pastor)”.

Price, currently Senior Minister at the First Christian Church in Washington, N.C., will be holding a “By the Fireside” program at the New Martinsville Public Library on Friday beginning at 10:30 a.m. The public is encouraged to come out and hear Price speak about his book written last year while he was on a three-month sabbatical. He will also have copies of his book available for purchase and autograph.

Dr. Price is a 1973 graduate of Magnolia High School and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from West Liberty State College, a Master of Arts degree in American History from West Virginia University, a Master of Divinity from Brite Divinity School (Texas Christian University), and an Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration from George Washington University. During nearly a quarter century of parish ministry, Price has served churches in Louisiana, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Price admits he has no formal financial training. “It is strictly stuff I’ve learned from personal experience, my mother (Mary Lou Price), and the people in the churches I’ve served.

“I’m not sure how she did it-emotionally, physically, or financially-but my single mother raised six children,” exclaimed Price. “More, we did not want for much of anything. We always received gifts at Christmas and on our birthdays. Somehow, and I’ll never know how, we all got new clothes at the start of each school year. Above all, the refrigerator and the food pantry always seemed to be full. But what is most shocking is that my mother did most of this from the $95 a month she received from public assistance!”

One of the lessons learned from his mother were fighting daily to control expenses and not the other way around. She also resisted the temptation to buy something just because it was on sale or because she may have some money left over at the end of the month.

“She was wise and always did her homework,” said Dr. Price. “And maybe her most lasting tactic of money management, she used what little money she had left over from the expense-side and used that on the income-side. Bottom line: she did not waste a single dime!”

“If I say it once, I’ll say it a thousand times: my mother has to be the best money manager of all time!” said Dr. Price. “I am fully convinced that my mother was able to do what she did because of her personal approach to stewardship and money management.”

With a title based on the premise that most members of the clergy are good with money, the book uses a simple approach to convey its points. They are placed into 26 simple categories-one for each letter of the alphabet so readers will not be overwhelmed with so many ideas they’ll stop reading after the first chapter.

After reviewing the book, Dr. Dick Hamm, former general minister and president of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) said Dr. Price “has written a book that I recommend to seminarians and young church leaders of all denominations (and to not a few that are no longer young). Michael writes in a very clean and clear way, with humility and a bit of humor thrown in. I hope this practical guide receives wide readership among ministers and their flocks!”

Rev. Bruce Barkhauer, Minister for Faith and Giving, with the Christian Church in Indianapolis, Ind., says, “Michael Price has captured the benefit of life experience and combined it with conventional wisdom and practical advice to create an easy to use primer on personal money management. ‘How to Manage Money Like a Minister’ opens the door to discovering that thrift and careful administration can lead to abundance enough for sharing. A good tool for all who want to become more generous and experience less stress around money matters!”

As the fourth of six children and the only one not currently living in the area, his siblings include Cheryl LeMasters, Frank Price, Rodney Price, Melissa Fluharty, and David Price. Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Price and his wife, Betty, split their time between Washington, N.C., and Cary, N.C.

A portion of the proceeds from each book sold will benefit Open Door Ministries in New Martinsville.