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Join The Battle

By Staff | Nov 24, 2010

Another week, another robbery.

Unfortunately that seems to be the trend lately in Wetzel County. When the news of the latest attempt hits the streets, most people can be heard saying a familiar refrain, “Drugs!” They’re probably right in all counts and most likely in this latest incident, as the apprehended suspect was already facing drug charges.

The scourge has invaded our idyllic community. It is devouring our young people and causing crimes previously unthinkable here.

The issue has been talked about and some positive steps have been taken to help curb it. Our law enforcement agents are working to fight it. But it just doesn’t seem to be enough. We guess it will never be enough, not until illegal, harmful drug use is eliminated-unfortunately a likely impossible task. Yet we can never give up the fight.

We all must take hold of the greatest tool in the battle-education and realization. Not until we are all aware of the very real problem, believing it can afflict anyone, will we all become vigilant against drugs.