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From Rosy Cozart

By Staff | Nov 24, 2010

This is the second letter to the editor thanking those who helped in our 2010 Mutt Strut as we had so many great volunteers. Goldie Poole framed the caricatures. Barry and Michelle Doak, Margaret Pefferman, and Vivian Rine helped with the registration. Miranda Stokes donated her time to do her balloon art. Marion Wingrove sold many 50/50 tickets, donated the agility course, and attended the event. Penny Burch ran the freebie table. Becci Loy prepared and ran the pie cook off. Chelsea Weekly ran the pumpkin decorating area. Carol Pefferman, Nancy Dorsch, and Melissa Dinger sold T shirts. Tiffany Bolten and Lucinda Kirk did the raffles and 50/50s and door prizes. Brandon Gump sold pet items-many of which were made by Kristy and Jessica Ferrell. Nancy Nice did a great job with our fall motif photo-ops, Susan Fair and Debbie Van Shaik did candid photos at the event. Helen Bennet made brownies and created and printed our certificates. Debra King sold home made doggy treats made by Carol Pefferman, Jessica Ferrell, and Penny Hamilton. Joan Frye was our Pet Psychic.

Pam Ferrell ran the rent-a-dog and set up the photo-op area. Celia Johnson made dog pillows for raffle. Misty Keener did the face paintings. Pam Lacefield brought items for door prizes and helped where she could. Gump’s Porta Jons donated a sink for doggies to drink and people to wash their hands.

I apologize now for anyone I have missed mentioning but please know that you are very appreciated. Please let me know if you were not recognized. Another letter will follow with our faithful sponsors. Thanks all!

Till next year,

Rosy Cozart, President

Wetzel County Animal Shelter Supporters, Inc.