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From Cecilia Ries

By Staff | Nov 17, 2010

Just the other day traveling through Paden City I heard this noise and saw people gathering and all kinds of cars parked along the road. When I was closer to what I heard I could tell that it was music and somewhat loud.

I’ve been reading this paper about the place called Days Gone By, and wondering why the bar was playing music so loud. Then I realized that I was not near the bar but another gathering place that is always open to the public and even holds outdoor parties.

It seems that the city needs to look into this place, too, not just picking on the “bar.” And to the person or persons complaining about the noise, I can almost guarantee that they have gone to this other place. And if they haven’t been to this place, they need to go. Are you wondering what this place is? It’s called church. It’s a place where the Lord forgives sinners and teaches people to honor and respect thy neighbors.

Cecilia Ries

New Martinsville