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From April Ring

By Staff | Nov 10, 2010

I’m writing today to hopefully teach a life lesson to those adults who haven’t quite grown up yet. My son recently received a puzzling text message and voicemail from an adult who obviously could use a lesson. The text was a very demeaning comment about him and was sent by one of his friend’s “mother”, of all people.

About 24 hours after the text, he received a voicemail from her stating that she had lost her phone, but got on the computer to check her text messages sent from that phone and had “absolutely no idea who she was calling.” She also added that it was a very detailed text message, but she did not know what it said. I find this really hard to believe since she has had his cell number for a long time. He actually sent her a text a few weeks ago out of concern for her own son after an injury in a football game. She replied almost immediately with an update and a “Thanks for asking.” I am 100 percent sure she knew exactly what she sent and who she sent it to, but to cover her behind she made the phone call with the “I lost my phone” excuse.

Come to find out, this whole thing was sparked by an “insignificant” comment made by the coach at football practice. Out of respect, my son did not respond to the coach or the “mom,” though he knew who the message was from immediately because her name was saved in his phone. We had a good laugh that night and forgot it until she left a voicemail the next evening.

Who really has time for this? This is supposed to be a fun time in a teenager’s life. It’s all a person can do to take care of their own family let alone worry about someone else’s. Having dealt with a recent illness I have decided to focus on my own kids and do my best to make sure they grow up to be productive adults. Thank God I have the opportunity!

One last thing: she has always said, “Hindsight is 20/20!” This is true. But a very wise woman once said something perfect for this situation: “Be careful of the words you speak, for you don’t know from day to day which ones you’ll have to eat.”

April Ring

Pine Grove