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A Crime Against Us All

By Staff | Nov 10, 2010

Angry. Scared. Cautious. Agitated.

These are all emotions we have seen in our community since Sunday night’s robbery of Burger King in New Martinsville.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident and the perpetrator probably didn’t get away with too much money. But that doesn’t mean the emotional toll on the four employees there won’t last a very long time. . . if not a lifetime. And even though there weren’t any customers in the restaurant at the time, it doesn’t mean the average citizen isn’t also affected by this violation.

People are being more careful about locking the doors of their homes and vehicles. They are watching their backs when in vulnerable situations. Really, these are all good things, but the reason for the reality check is despicable.

Society operates on some basic mores–like the belief that someone will not come out of nowhere to take away your hard-earned money while threatening your life. When those social, and sometimes legal, laws are violated, the whole balance of our lives is upset.

This person who made a bad decision one Sunday night to disguise himself and threaten with a gun in order to get some cash for his own use probably never thought about the social ramifications. In fact, he probably never thought beyond himself.

We ask that if you have any information that might be helpful in catching this criminal, think beyond yourself and call the New Martinsville Police Department at 304-455-9100. You never know what tiny detail might lead to an arrest.