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Tea Party Event Draws Approximately 200 Citizens

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

Approximately 200 people gathered in front of the Wetzel County Courthouse, spilling across Main?Street in New Martinsville, Saturday afternoon for a Tea Party event. (Photos by Amy?Witschey)

Approximately 200 people gathered Saturday afternoon in front of the Wetzel County Courthouse for a non-partisan Tea Party event.

Organized by Mike Clark, the event featured four speakers-none of them candidates. In fact, it did not appear that any current candidates were present at the gathering.

Emcee Wayne Weber began the speaking portion of the program by saying the real work will begin Nov. 3, after the Nov. 2 election. It is then that concerned citizens need to influence those chosen to lead the country, state, region, and county to do what is right.

Paden City Recorder Larry Shepherd spoke on the Constitution, saying the founding fathers’ document was recently given to students with a disclaimer encouraging parents to discuss how things have changed since the document’s writing, rendering parts of it antiquated. “They are saying the Constitution is in the same classification as works of fiction,” lamented Shepherd.

As a city recorder, Shepherd said he is amazed at how much of his job is governed by the national government. “I have to answer to Washington more than our own citizens,” he said. “That is too much reach for Washington to have.

Hannah Benson leads the crowd in the National Anthem. Emcee Wayne Weber can be seen in the background.

“We have to take liberty back and take it to Washington,” declared Shepherd. “You can’t simply let Washington control you from Washington.”

The next to speak was Diane Strippel on the right to life. “Without life, there’s no chance at liberty or the pursuit of happiness,” she began.

She talked about how the healthcare bill, in part, pays for abortions by subsidizing health plans that pay for abortions. Also, medical workers could be forced to perform abortions against their will, she said.

While abortions continue to take place in the United States, Strippel said there are over 500,000 couples in the U.S. waiting to adopt each year.

Quoting Thomas Jefferson, Strippel said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

Niles Hissam, charged with speaking about the healthcare bill, said, “I could take care of Obamacare in a few wordsrepeal it!” It was a statement met with applause.

“We need to overhaul the healthcare system, but this is not the answer,” he said.

He further said healthcare is not a right, as some propose. The Constitution does not guarantee such a service.

Finally, Lyle Knapp spoke on illegal immigration, saying the total cost of illegal immigration is estimated at $500 billion per year. He said it is time to stand up and tell elected officials that the problem of illegal immigration needs to be solved.

As the gathering began with the National Anthem led by Hannah Benson, it ended with the group singing God Bless America.