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From Nelda Ice

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

The residents of the New Martinsville Tower would like to thank the girls of the Young Ladies Union of Magnolia High School. They are: Abbey Horner, Aly Smith, Emily Patterson, Maddie Bridgeman, Kayla Adams, Holly McDonald, Emily Blake, Dallas Mullett, Padyn Ludewig, MaKenzie Dawson, Jennie Emch, Nicole Schoolcraft, Kennedy Slampak, Cassidi Wells, Maryam Boumezrag, and their advisor Jan Emch.

We thank them for the delicious dinner they provided for us on Oct. 17. The gals decorated our craft room and were in Halloween costumes, and will be back in November and December. We’ll be waiting. Thanks, gals.


Nelda Ice

A Tower Resident