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From Ethel Riddle

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

In preparation for the 50th Anniversary celebration of the founding of the Hundred High School Alumni Association in 1961, we need to contact the following people for their mailing addresses:

Class of 1946: Dora Antil, Betty Dent, Rose Earnest, Eugene Fetty, Dottie Ford, Ruby June Fouty, Lloyd Garner, Lawrence Garrison, Wilda Garrison, Herbert Henderson, Agnes Hunt, Nadine Jones, Betty Keffer, Reed Miller, Melvin Morris, Wilda Rush, Bradley Shuman, Hazel Snyder, and Ray Teagarden.

Send any of these persons’ names and mailing addresses to: Ethel Riddle, 200 Leonard Street, Apt. 202, Maysville, PA 17053-1126.

Thank you for helping us to contact these people for the Oct. 1, 2011, Alumni Dinner.


Ethel Riddle

Maysville, Pa.