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Commission Approves 4H Use, Changes

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

Wetzel County?Commissioners, from left, Scott Lemley, Bob Gorby, and Don Mason, accept a $1,400 grant from the Little Kanawha Resource Conservation and Development Council for drainage work at the 4-H grounds. (Photo by Miranda Stokes)

Several matters were addressed at this week’s Wetzel County Commission meeting, beginning with an appointment with Mindy Mall of the West Virginia University Extension Office regarding winter cabin rentals. Following a request made by oil and gas workers to rent the cabins for several months, Mall wanted to determine if offering the 4-H cabins for rental during the winter months would be a worthwhile endeavor.

As the cabins have never been open for rental in colder months, the commission and Mall discussed what an appropriate fee would be. After much discussion, the commission agreed over several terms and rates for lodging and moved to allow cabin rentals for a trial period of two months under the agreed terms and fees. After two months Mall and the commission will evaluate the use of water and heat and adjust rates as needed.

Regarding the 4-H grounds, the commission received their requested 2010 mini-grant award from the Little Kanawha Resource Conservation and Development Council for drainage and road work on the grounds. The commission has two years to complete the project. The grant was awarded to the commission in the amount of $1,400.

In other matters, Don Riggenbach and Larry Tackett of the Wetzel County Chamber of Commerce addressed the county commission regarding funding. As Riggenbach explained, over the past several years the chamber has expanded its scope of service to encompass more of Wetzel County, however such expansions have led to an increase in expenses. The chamber needs financial help to further reach additional citizens in the county.

“We want to be available to the entire county as best we can,” noted Riggenbach. In efforts to better aid outlying areas of Wetzel County, the chamber hopes, by the first of the year, to secure a Vista volunteer from AmeriCorps whose job would be, in part, to focus his or her time working with other communities in the county with various projects.

Riggenbach outlined the cost for hiring a Vista volunteer, totaling $6,000 annually. The commission stated they would take the chamber’s request for funds under consideration and would come to a decision soon.

Also present for a request was Merle Lemasters, president of Town and Country Days. He met with the commission to propose upgrades to the stage on the fair grounds to allow better accommodations to performers as well as offer better sound quality for the audiences through squaring off the stage for additional space and installing sound-proof siding. The commission accepted his proposal and Lemasters will move forward with renovations.

Lastly, the commission observed a final evaluation of the electronic voting system before election day. The test proved the machines to be in working order.