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Beisel Receives 10-Year Sentence For Burglary

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

Jason Tyler Beisel

Jason Tyler Beisel, 26, of 38493 State Route 7, Sardis, was recently sentenced in federal court to 10 years in federal prison for the felony offenses of nighttime burglary and receiving or transferring stolen goods. Because Beisel was a previously convicted felon, his sentence was more severe than that of accomplice James Skylar Barnhart, 19, of 149 Elm Street, New Martinsville. Barnhart was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison following his plea on June 8 to a one count offense of possession of stolen firearms.

Beisel was arrested in mid-January by the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Department as the second man in connection with the theft of approximately 75 firearms and 28 old pocket knives from an undisclosed residence in Wetzel County sometime between Dec. 30 and Jan. 1. The value of the guns was $38-40,000.

After seeing media reports of the thefts, three Sistersville men reported on Jan. 8 that they had purchased guns from Barnhart in New Martinsville from his home and the old Newman’s garage, located at the corner of Linden Avenue and Locust Street. They were being sold at well below market value.

After executing search warrants at both locations, deputies found the pocket knives in Barnhart’s bedroom and seven rifles hidden in the rafters of the garage’s attic. They also recovered some guns in Ohio. In addition to the knives and guns, deputies recovered $422 cash from Barnhart.

Jason Beisel, part owner of the garage, provided a written statement that he had seen Barnhart with guns during the past week and he had them at the house and at the garage. In addition, Beisel knew Barnhart was selling guns and traded a car stereo with Barnhart on Jan. 7. Cpl. Spragg of the WCSO said he was fairly certain that transaction was in exchange for a firearm.

As the investigation continued, a light blue fleece glove left behind at the scene of the crime is what connected Beisel to the theft. Spragg had found the glove in the room from which the guns were stolen, then later found out from Barnhart’s girlfriend that she had given Beisel that glove and its match as a gift in December.

Continuing to piece together the truth, an interview with Barnhart’s girlfriend on Jan. 11 revealed that Beisel had shown her the attic full of guns Jan. 7 and he said they came from his father.