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Basket Highlights Decor

By Staff | Oct 27, 2010

Travelers near the county line in the area of Burchfield, Coburn, and Earnshaw are finding themselves enjoying the unique fall decorations at Young’s Funny Farm-the self-titled home of Alice and Gary Young.

Alice had the idea to make a giant basket by weaving vines found in the local forest. With the help of her husband, Bobby Thompson, and Larry Greathouse, Alice crafted a weaved basket around and over her rock garden using over 700 feet of grapevine. (The inset at right shows how the vine is weaved.)

“My whole yard was full of them,” she remembered of the creation process. “God gives us decoration, it’s how we use them.” She mentioned how in the Sudan the natives make huts using similar materials and elephant dung. The same could be done here for dog houses, etc., she offered.

After the basket was complete, she added additional decoration of silk flowers and leaves as well as indian corn. The latter she coated with Minwax so the deer wouldn’t eat her decorations.

Also, in front of the basket in the photo are some giant mushrooms found in the nearby woods. The largest measures 39 inches in diameter. “I like to call them alien eggs,” Alice says with a chuckle.

Their fall decorations are completed with this beautiful wreath made by Gary’s mother.

A scenic location, the Young’s farm was featured on the back cover of the November 1996 edition of Wonderful West Virginia Magazine in a photo taken by Bryan Lemasters. Also, in 1990 they received the Outstanding Soil Conservation Farmer award for Wetzel County. (Photos by Amy Witschey)