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Valley And Short Line Give Multimedia Presentation

By Staff | Oct 19, 2010

In the photo are some of the school administrators and members of the Valley High School and Short Line School LSICs who reported to the Wetzel County Board of Education Oct. 18 on their goals for the 2010-11 school year. From left are J. D. Morris, president of the Valley LSIC, Board Vice President Bob Patterson, SLS Principal Shane Highley, County Superintendent of Schools Bill Jones, and VHS Principal Benjamin McPherson. Morris is an SLS student. Absent when the photo was taken was Tabitha Mason of the VHS LSIC. (Photo by Bill Abraham)

When one attends a Wetzel County Board of Education meeting at Valley High School, he can expect an extraordinary multi-media presentation. But, the school may have outdone itself Oct. 18, mixing PowerPoint presentations with live musicians and a visit from its French students via Skype tele-video software.

Valley’s Steel Drum Band welcomed guests as they arrived in the lobby with professional and very solid, danceable, and listenable presentations. Later, the school’s decorated marching band sounded off with a rousing VHA Fight Song. Short Line School’s 30-member choir, led by William Hostutler, took the stage to sing, making it a thoroughly entertaining and informative meeting.

Valley’s Band Director, Donald Taylor, detailed some of the band’s award-winning accomplishments. He also recognized student Eric Byard for marching in the Drum Corps International last summer. DCI is considered to be the NFL of marching bands.

VHS LSIC Member Tabitha Mason reported on the progress that has been made on the goals from last year and a PowerPoint presentation highlighted a number of student activities, including the Archery Club and an arthropod program in which the school has partnered with West Liberty University. Purpose of the program is to research yet undiscovered species. The names of any new species will bear the names of their discoverers.

The PowerPoint multi-media report also explained the VHS Breakfast Club in which students discuss their concerns with faculty members and have a voice in the operations of their school. Also included in the report were updates on the opportunities TSA and FFA offer.

Pictured are members of the Valley High School Steel Drum Band that gave a sensational presentation Oct. 18 as visitors arrived for the Wetzel County Board of Education meeting. From left are: Bryan Sell, Tristin Willey, Shawn Miller, Brady Nolan, and Cassie Ueltschy.

At the conclusion of the segment, it was announced that FFA Advisor Howard Henderson will receive the prestigious National FFA Degree Oct. 22 in Indianapolis. The event will be broadcast live on RFD-TV, a country news station.

The school’s goals were identified by VHS Principal Benjamin McPherson, a former band director and music instructor at the school.

Those goals are:

* All students will master or exceed grade level in 21st Century learning skills;

* Students with disabilities and exceptionalities will receive a free, appropriate public education to increase achievement and performance and to support their transition to a desired post-school outcome;

* VHS will improve student achievement, enhance student learning, and increase the use of 21st Century skills through integration of technology and Project-Based Learning;

* All students with a high school diploma will be ready for post-secondary education and careers;

* VHS will increase student literacy to meet state standards, using proven initiatives;

* The school will increase the relevancy of the curriculum presented to students; and

* VHS will find a way to provide administrative support through an administrative intern.

SLS Principal Shane Highley reported on the school’s code of conduct, PRIDE activities and its rules for success: Respect yourself; Respect each other; and Respect the school. He also reported that students are taught the importance of productivity, independence, and excellence, in and out of school. In addition, Highley said the school is organizing a group of parent volunteers.

Board treasurer Jeff Lancaster told board members that the school system has received more than $14,000 in new funding: a $1,000 grant from PPG Industries will support school-to-career programs; a $550 federal teacher transition grant; a state award of $748 to support technology; and $12,094 in federal funding to support the Adult Basic Education program.

Before adjourning, the board approved a number of personnel changes and ratified the five-day without pay suspension by the superintendent of a school board employee. The suspension period was from Oct. 11-15 for inappropriate conduct. Jones declined to comment further on the employee’s assignment or nature of the alleged misconduct.