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Baker Gets Original Sentence

By Staff | Oct 19, 2010

On Oct. 14 Shirl Norman Baker III, 30, of 1802 Muddy Creek Road, Middlebourne, was sentenced to his original sentence of one to 15 years in the West Virginia State Penitentiary for Men following his appearance for a petition to revoke home confinement before Judge David W. Hummel Jr. Baker was given credit for time served.

At this hearing it was determined Baker had violated his terms of probation by both deviating from his normal course to work, as well as failing to inform the Tyler County dispatcher of his employment status. Testimony claimed Baker contacted the dispatcher saying he was leaving for work, however Baker strayed from his ordered course and additionally lied about his employment. Baker was spotted in Paden City.

At his last hearing on July 12 Baker was present alongside his attorney, Patricia Kurelac, for a petition to revoke home confinement. Baker had been sent to the Northern Regional Jail on July 8 for being past due on his home confinement payment. After matters there were cleared up, Judge Hummel ordered Baker back to home confinement until his adjudicatory hearing. Baker was to pay $10 a day for home confinement and was told he must contact the Tyler County dispatcher whenever he leaves for work.

Baker had been sentenced on April 23 to one-15 years in the West Virginia State Penitentiary for Men. However, at that time, despite the state’s recommendation, Hummel suspended the incarceration for five years on home confinement with provisions of probation. Baker was also released for work, educational, and counseling purposes. Baker was residing in Middlebourne with his fiance, daughter, and father under Tyler County’s home confinement while Adult Probation Officer John Lantz supervised Baker’s probation.

Also at that sentencing hearing, Kurelac was granted appropriate modifications in the instance that Baker’s home or employment conditions change.

Baker pleaded guilty to count two-felony offense possession of a controlled substance (heroin) with intent to deliver-of his two-count indictment in Wetzel County Circuit Court on March 31. As per a plea agreement, the court dismissed count one of his indictment-delivery of a controlled substance (heroin).