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Add Others To Your List

By Staff | Oct 19, 2010

If you’re like many people, you have already picked up a few gifts to give during the holiday season. We’ve even heard of some people so organized that they’re shopping is already complete.

While you make your list of things to give and request, we’d like to ask that you remember to include those less fortunate on that register.

The economy may have left some people in a bit of a financial crunch, but that’s no reason to quit giving. In fact, it is a reason to give. If your wallet is feeling the strain, just imagine how those even less fortunate are faring.

There are many ways to give. We would suggest that you give through a reputable source. There are agencies in the area that coordinate holiday giving, making sure that the most are helped without the so-called “double dipping” of some individuals or families. This is the kind of effort we love to see.

Also, we always admire the annual Esther Crumbley?Food Drive that provides the groceries for a holiday meal to approximately 425 families. More information about it is available at the link at left. A $25 donation will provide the needed items to a family.

We hope you will find room in your holiday budget for the less fortunate among us as we come upon this holiday season.