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On An Adventure

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Flatwoods, W.Va. While my husband attended a conference, Joellen and I found various ways to pass the time.

One day after a late breakfast we set out in search of a playground. Our waitress had pointed us in the right direction, but I misunderstood and headed the opposite way.

After maybe 10-15 miles of driving rural roads Joellen said, “I think we’re lost.”

“We’re not lost, we’re on an adventure!”?I replied cheerfully.

“Yeah, but sometimes when we’re on an adventure. . . we get lost.” Wisdom from the mouth of a four-year-old.

While I had forgotten my West Virginia Atlas and Gazetteer (the only map for adventures) in the room, I had a vague idea of where we were. Besides, we could always just turn around, but that wouldn’t be my family’s way.

We stopped at Burnsville Lake and explored the beach. Joellen wanted to dig for treasure-a purple jewelry box from S & S Jewelry. I had to explain that promotion was over.

We saw the waterfall at Falls Mills, where she told me she thought that was where fish took showers.

Eventually I ended up back at I-79 and headed south to Flatwoods.

That evening we told Daniel of our adventure. (He was very surprised when Joellen said we had gone to the beach!) The next day Joellen asked if we could go on another adventure. I guess we didn’t get too lost for her taste.