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From Renee Stewart

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

When parents decide what is best for a special needs daughter, they look into the matter carefully; trying to do what is best for their child. John Raese, a proud graduate of Morgantown High School and WVU attended public schools in West Virginia all his life.But when his precious young daughter needed some specialized help, he and his wife, Liz, looked for a school that was particularly helpful for their daughter’s needs.

If that’s worthy of an attack from Joe Manchin’s campaign, then I say bring it on. Because two parents doing what they can for their little daughter’s education in their child’s early years is no shame, especially compared to what occurred with Heather Manchin Bresch at WVU a couple of years ago.

After all the furor that scandal caused the university community, with Ms. Bresch’s claim to an MBA being soundly rejected by the university following an expensive investigation, what did the Governor have to say? Only that he hoped no other parents had to go through what he and Mrs. Manchin had been through at WVU. Somehow they still play the martyr, even when it was their daughter

who made the problem for the entire university.Several lost their jobs over that, including the university’s president, but we’re still supposed to feel sorry for the Manchins. Doesn’t that beat all?I’ll take parents who are trying to do what’s best for their young daughter over this kind of poor lesson that the Manchins have clearly passed on to their daughter any day of the week.

Renee Stewart

Ripley, W.Va.