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From Mary McKay

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

I couldn’t believe my eyes this week as I was reading about the grand Paden City Council Meeting. Is this deja vu? With a new topic? Noise? Profanity? Okay, where don’t you hear this nowadays? Has everyone forgotten about how it is to be young? To celebrate life and youth? This is like the ATV dilemma! Different setting, different topic, older person going crazy because of noise and “profanity.”

Did this person not work out in the world, around men? Does this person sit in his house and never go out among his peers? Profanity is something that is acceptable now, isn’t it? Like being gay or wearing your pants down on the back of your knees? Or how about the tattoos?

Has this person forgotten how to have a good time? Do the football games make him irate? Those are extremely noisy and I have definitely heard some profanity there. Or how about when the 18-wheelers buzz past his house? Does this person forget youth? And really, can’t we remember that this terrible, noisy, profane place employs students that might help them with car insurance or just have a pay check?

I for one have been exposed to profanity since I can remember as have most of us. I can remember how it was to go out with a bunch of my friends and have a good time living. What I don’t remember is people being so bitter they can’t stand to see or hear people enjoying life. In my day even the older people would join in, and remember, if only for a while, that life is short and should be enjoyed! Not locked away because it’s too noisy, or profane!

If Council can rise above all this complaining and drama that the world seems to feed off of these days and realize that this is not a bad place, it helps more than hurts. And like so many things, it needs to be understood, and not destroyed. After all, doesn’t the Mayor’s family own or previously owned a bar? Check that out.

Mary McKay

Paden City