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From John A. Morando

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

I read about the statement on the noise coming from the bar, Days Gone By. Someone stated, “If you don’t want to live by a bar, don’t move next to one.” Just to let you know, we all were here before the bar. First it was a residence, then a pizza shop, now a bar. Who was who first in the neighborhood?

We are home owners. The bar owner should have thought about the neighbors before opening a loud and noisy bar in residential area. I live directly behind Days Gone By on North Third Avenue. I called over there quite a few times, but the lady that answers is mostly rude. My wife and next to youngest daughter are caregivers for the ill. They need to get a full night’s sleep, but can they? No, because of the noise. The neighbor who lives next to the bar on the south side of the bar has been living there a lot longer than the bar. We as residents and citizens of Paden City deserve better than having to put up with the noise of the bands and people (customers) making loud and profane language noises. Somebody in office for the City of Paden City should and must do something about this problem. I personally have talked to the Mayor and Police Chief about the noise. We should have a noise ordinance in our town. Paden City is a fine town to live in.

An unhappy neighbor of Days Gone By,

John A. Morando

Paden City