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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

In the political realm, when it is said of a particular person that they are attempting to be all things to all men, that is a person to be wary of!

Usually when this maneuver is attempted, they end up being nothing to anyone. When Mike Oliverio won over Alan Mollohan in the May primary, he was asked on West Virginia Public Radio what his plans were leading up to the Nov. 2 election. He stated that his focus would be on “advancing the agenda.”

The only agenda I am aware of on the Democrat side is the Obama, Reed, and Pelosi agenda! Good Heavens, doesn’t Mr. Oliverio know that if the voters of the 1st District of West Virginia wanted that agenda advanced we would have retained Mollohan as our representative? That very agenda is what has most West Virginia folks ready to do battle over!

During the campaign leading up to the May primary Mr. Oliverio sounded more like an ultra-conservative Republican than a Democrat! So, which is it? If elected, will he work to advance the Obama agenda as he stated or will he be a lone conservative voice in a sea of liberals?

I think we know the answer to that. In the Pelosi court should he espouse conservative ideas, he would be relegated to a position somewhere between Czar of the House cloak room or Exchequer of the toilet supplies!

Mr. McKinley has pledged to fight the Obama agenda and work to undo the damage to our nation that has already been done. That is the agenda I want to see advanced!

Denver McMullen