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From Becky Hilpert

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

My name is Becky Hilpert.My family and I enjoy spending time at the Hyrdo Dam fishing.We’ve spent a good amount of time there this summer.It’s such a shame at the amount of trash laying by the river.Several times I have picked up trash. Tonight someone left a five gallon bucket so I grabbed it and filled it with trash. . . lure packages, pop bottles, pop cans, Styrofoam, fishing line, and latex gloves.You name it, I bet you can find it laying down by the river. This saddens me. The city has several lined trash cans on the road and close the river so you don’t have to hike back up to the road to dispose of trash. What saddens me even worse is that it’s adults who leave their litter the most. If we all did our part and took our trash with us, the hydro wouldn’t be cluttered with the town’s garbage.

Many people use the hydro to walk, fish, or just relax.Personally I like fishing, but just sitting there is relaxing to me. The trash is a distraction to everyone!Please do your part and take your trash to the nearest trash can or take it home with you.

Becky Hilpert

New Martinsville