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Commission Approves New Vehicle Purchase

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

At the Wetzel County Commission meeting held Oct. 5 Wetzel County Sheriff James Hoskins met with the commission to discuss getting two new vehicles for the Wetzel County Sheriff’s Office. Hoskins said while he’s been able to maintain the vehicles well enough to keep them working on the job, a couple of the vehicles simply need replaced very soon.

At the present time Hoskins is using his personal vehicle due to the lack of fully operational vehicles for the WCSO. Hoskins specifically requested at least one, preferably two, four-wheel drive vehicles as they are more reliable on the county back roads, especially in the winter months.

The commission agreed to allow Hoskins to purchase one new vehicle now at a cost no greater than $35,000. After which Hoskins will include the purchase of a second vehicle in his budget to be submitted in March unless other more immediate issues arise.

Under old matters, the commission came to a decision regarding the two bids submitted for the roof and other repairs to the lower boys cabins on the 4-H grounds. The motion to award the bid to Glasscock Construction and Remodeling out of Folsom passed. Commission President Don Mason and Commission Vice President Bob Gorby voted in favor of the motion while Commissioner Scott Lemley voted against the measure, saying he believed it should be rebid. Glasscock’s bid quote came to $24,000 after further discussion and clarification of the work needed done on the cabins. This quote was still well under the other bidder’s price. Glasscock Construction and Remodeling will begin work on the 4-H grounds as soon as possible.

Also at this week’s meeting was Rosy Cozart from the Wetzel County Animal Shelter to provide shelter updates and reports. Tree trimming has been completeD on the property surrounding the shelter and overall Cozart is satisfied with the results. She also mentioned some minor repairs to be done at the shelter, of which the commission agreed to have taken care of very soon. Cozart also discussed the upcoming Mutt Strut to be held Oct. 23 beginning at noon on the 4-H grounds.

In discussing monthly animal shelter reports from August and September, the commission inquired about one dog being euthanized. Cozart clarified the dog euthanized was an owned, sick dog brought in by the owner. Cozart reiterated this practice is not commonly done as owned dogs should be taken care of by a veterinarian.

The August report for the Wetzel County Animal Shelter is as follows. Dogs: euthanized, zero; adopted, 10; rescued, 22; returned to owner, zero; taken in, 37; approved/fostered, one; present impounds, zero; present quarantines, zero. Cats: euthanized, one; adopted, zero; rescued, six; returned to owner, zero; taken in, 11; approved/fostered, zero; present impounds, zero; present quarantines, zero.

The September report for the shelter is as follows. Dogs: euthanized, one; adopted, five; rescued, 28; returned to owner, two; taken in, 37; approved/fostered, zero; present impounds, zero; present quarantines, zero. Cats: euthanized, zero; adopted, two; rescued, nine; returned to owner, zero; taken in, seven; approved/fostered, zero; present impounds, zero; present quarantines, zero.

Josh Jefferson, project coordinator for Marshall and Wetzel counties for Regional Economic Development (RED), met with the commission again this week, this time to have the commission sign a resolution of their continued partnership with RED through the annual Local Economic Development (LED) grant program. This grant contract is signed between Ohio, Marshall, and Wetzel County Commissions and RED, who provides matching grant funds. The purpose of the LED grant program is to enhance the capacity of local economic development organizations to undertake economic development activities.

Jefferson also briefly reported on what he learned at the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association (WVONGA) conference held over the weekend. Jefferson stated it was a very beneficial meeting and he hopes communication will continue to progress between the many organizations and individuals in the oil and gas industry.

Lastly, Gary Durig from Doolin Landscaping was contracted by the commission to plant and maintain foliage in the flower beds in front of the court house. Durig discussed planting boxwood shrubs to tie in the dark green foliage around the court house and single shrub roses to add a subtle pop of color to the landscaping. Durig added the plants would be maintained and guaranteed. The project is contracted at $700.