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Club Will Not Tolerate Park Vandalism

By Staff | Oct 13, 2010

The Shortline Lions Club has discovered some vandalism at the Reader Park recently and they want the public to know they not will tolerate such senseless acts.

The small, volunteer club funds and maintains the park for use by communities in the Shortline area. When it is vandalized it requires precious financial and volunteer expenditures.

“Anyone caught vandalizing the park will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” declared Lions First Vice President Regina Lemley.

So far the vandalism has mostly been confined to small things. “Hopefully it stops at that,” said Lemley.

Letters and number have been taken from the changeable sign. While that may seem like a harmless prank to some, the letters and numbers cost about a dollar each and replacing them can become costly, particularly for a small organization.

“Whoever has them, they can return them no questions ask, but if we catch them they will be prosecuted,” said Lemley.

Also, the bathrooms have been vandalized and someone has engraved foul language on the picnic tables.

The acts seem to be taking place in the late evening or early morning. They have always been discovered early the next day after the perpetrators have wreaked their havoc.

To help deter any further vandalism, the Lions are now keeping the park’s light on all night. “We thought maybe a light would deter them,” hoped Lemley.

Anyone who sees an suspicious activity or knows of any vandalism is encouraged to contact a Shortline Lions Club member: Floyd Amos, 304-386-4547; Lemley, 304-386-4440; or Crysty McGraw, 304-386-4809.