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From Karen Vaughan

By Staff | Oct 6, 2010

I was shocked, disgusted, and appalled at your treatment of the accused and the accuser in your Sept. 22, 2010, edition.

Not only did the Chronicle (edited by you) print graphic details of the alleged acts, but for some reason, known only to you, the birth year, gender, and in one case, the initials of a seven year old child. This was done in print form. Ink to paper. On the internet I see you have edited the original article and have “cleaned it up.”

You and the Chronicle have re-victimized these children and tainted the jury pool. You also chose to print the address of those who stand accused. Both parties, I’m sure, have families or close friends who this has affected-but you chose to go the nasty route. This is small-town America, not some porn city where your reporting this way would be appreciated.

This type of journalism should never be repeated, and you, the Editor, should resign.

Karen Vaughan

New Martinsville