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From Carla L. Farrell

By Staff | Oct 6, 2010

Just because you can?

Just because you have the right to print something in the paper, should you? What about moral responsibility. Do you have the right to add fuel to the fire and belittle sex abuse victims more than they have already been victimized? I think not! Does the Wetzel Chronicle not care about the children of Wetzel County?

I cannot tell you how sick it made me feel when I read the Grand Jury indictments that were in the paper on Sept. 22. When you print things like, you desensitize people to what has happened. You are describing pornographic acts on a child, which in turn could give someone else the idea to do the same thing to another child. It is sad to think that you have lost sight of the fact that you are talking about children. Sex abuse involving a child should never be handled the same way as other cases.

Think back to when you were you were a child. How would that make you feel if you were reading the sickening things the Chronicle printed about what had happened to you? Just think about it. I guarantee you that you would never want to show your face in town again!

What you fail to realize is that people will know who you are talking about even if you don’t print their name. Sex abuse victims have the right to be protected against public ridicule. By printing the charges the way you did, you are violating that right. Remember, we are talking about children, who through no fault of their own have been taken advantage of by someone they trusted! Put yourself in their shoes! How would you feel if you read something like that about yourself in the newspaper!

As a reader, you should be outraged with what you read. This could have been your sister or daughter, or it could have been your granddaughter! There is absolutely no excuse for this to have been written this way. If you did it to sell a few more papers, then shame on you! Your paper needs to be responsible to your community and, you also need to print an apology to the families who had to read the pornographic way the Grand Jury indictments were written for the Sept. 22 edition!

Carla L. Farrell

Cowen, W.Va.