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Thank You

By Staff | Sep 28, 2010

We were in complete agreement with some Board of Education officials when they said the meeting at Hundred High School on Sept. 20 was one of the best on-site meetings with Local School Improvement Councils in recent history.

Both HHS Principal Richard L. Ochsenbein and Long Drain School?Principal Paul C. Huston showed genuine care and concern for their students and school. It was obvious that the report was real, not a bunch of facts, figures, and key words that are ingrained in educators.

Of particular note was Huston’s action of sitting down with each student in his school to review their WesTest scores. He displaced the praise from the board by saying it was an idea that came from the staff. It takes a true leader to hear and recognize a great idea, then put it into action. We offer our thanks to these two men for the kind of leadership they provide to the county’s students.