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From Mike Glow

By Staff | Sep 28, 2010

I would like to thank you for making the September 22 edition the most depressing edition that has ever been printed. Instead of reading an article about the upcoming Marble Fest or that Wetzel County Hospital received a Gold Seal, on the front page, we were all thrilled to read about the death of two family members, a fire on a gas rig, and two articles about the reoccurring plague terrorizing Wetzel County. . . sexual predators.

I agree that the public needs to know who is preying on the innocent children in our area, I don’t agree on how it was presented in this article. It is bad enough that a “felony offense of sexual assault in the third degree” was committed but then to go on and describe in detail the actual act is appalling. This was done for each count of the charge throughout the article.

There was absolutely no consideration for the victims involved in these cases, not just the physical victim but the entire families involved. The families that are trying to cope with the problems that will continue to cause grief for many years now can sleep better knowing that the general public knows the gruesome details that these sick individuals have done. Imagine if it were your child that had been preyed upon and was already struggling to cope only to have someone approach them and start talking about the details that he or she has endured.

I pray for all the families involved in these terrible ordeals and I hope you can find some sort of peace and healing throughout all of this.

I also know that next Wednesday when I go to purchase the county paper I will read the headlines on the front page before I open my wallet. I hope that the writers of future articles will use some common decency and consideration when submitting their final product for print.

Mike Glow

New Martinsville