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New Martinsville Forms State Route 2 Pride Committee

By Staff | Sep 21, 2010

At the Wetzel County Commission meeting held Tuesday morning New Martinsville Mayor Lucille Blum, Ken Showalter, and New Martinsville City Council member Kay Goddard met with the commission as members of the State Route 2 Pride Committee recently formed by city council. The committee met with the commissioners to introduce themselves and share what they hope to do in the community.

Mayor Blum explained she formed the State Route 2 Pride Committee after business owners spoke with her about feeling ignored by the city as their businesses are located along the highway. The committee’s goal is to improve the road conditions and appearance of state Route 2 to help improve the businesses located on the highway as well as help to improve the overall appearance of the city to passersby. As Goddard noted, state Route 2 is sometimes the only avenue travelers see of the city.

Committee members include businessmen Mitch Herrick and Don Riggenbach in addition Goddard, Showalter, and Blum. Those present listed several goals for the committee including improving the condition of properties that lead into businesses such as pot holes, finding ways for traffic flow to be better patrolled through areas such as the five-way light at the intersection of state Route 2 and Parkway, and contacting plaza owners to repair parking lots for safety and aesthetic reasons. “What we’re interested in doing is determining whose responsibility it is to take care of these problems,” said Mayor Blum. Showalter added he hopes the committee can find ways to work on the littering laws. “They’re on the books but they need enforced,” he stressed.

The commission commended Mayor Blum on her sincere pride in the city and her encouragement to others to share such pride as well. The commission was pleased to hear of the committee’s formation and assured complete cooperation between the county and the city in the State Route 2 Pride Committee’s endeavors.

In other matters Cindy Adams from the Circuit Clerk’s office informed the commission that following the purchase of new computers, a new server is needed. Adams noted Sharon Dulaney did a price quote for a new server in the amount of $6,093 and managed to pull the funds together out of the Circuit Clerk’s office budget, however little money would be left over in the budget in the event of any necessary sundry costs.

Adams asked the commission for their commitment in funding any outside costs they might incur if the Circuit Clerk’s office fully funded the cost of the server. Commission President Don Mason stated they’d be in a position to do that.