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Personal Vigilance

By Staff | Sep 15, 2010

This week’s front page story about the sexual offender who was caught violating his probation by working with the carnival, Deshler Amusements, at Town & Country?Days gives us more than a little pause.

The thought that someone who had been convicted of sexual abuse by a custodian to a minor was dealing with children, actually helping them get on and off of rides at the fair, sickens us.

But do you know what is even worse? There were undoubtedly other sexual offenders, known or unknown, at the fair, at the grocery store, in the church, down the street. Unfortunately it is a fact of life.

Fred Leslie Kirk was only prohibited from being at Town & Country Days as an extra measure of his probation. Most would be allowed to attend the fair, a virtual candy store for such desires.

Sure, convicted sexual offenders are now required to register with the West Virginia State Police and their information and photos are relatively easy to get, but what about those who have never been convicted, maybe never even charged, or worse yet, never caught or suspected?

This is why good parenting is the best defense against sexual predators. How many people let their children roam the fairgrounds freely or even drop them off to be at the fair alone or with friends?

We can’t be too careful in this current society. There are far too many dangers lurking around every corner.