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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Sep 15, 2010

Joe Manchin has done a reasonably good job as our governor. At any other time in our history this would have given him a leg up in his senatorial bid. As most folks in West Virginia know, these are anything but normal times!

Nov. 2 will make or break for the future of our state, and our nation. Will we elect as our new and junior Senator, a man who was early to endorse and campaign for Barack Obama? A man who stated on public television prior to the passage of Obama care that West Virginia would comply with this legislation should it pass both houses and get the President’s signature. All of our legislators knew that the majority of West Virginia residents were strongly opposed to this insane bill! How refreshing and thrilling it would have been for our governor to have shown the same courage as the governor of the State of Arizona did in defying the Obama regime. Could be that Sarah Palin was close to the mark when she stated that Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona had bigger man objects than Barack Obama!

Seems there is a shortage of that in our legislators here in West Virginia. Let us not forget that the interim senator sent to D.C. by our governor got there just in the nick of time to put another Obama and Reed piece of questionable legislation over the top! Many folks say, “Oh, Joe Manchin would never do anything counter to the best interests of West Virginia!” Any thinking person knows that should he be elected in the November election and he chooses to stand for the full term in 2012, he as a junior senator, would have to toe the Obama line or he would become a liability to the regime and we know what happens to the ones who won’t toe the line! Electing Joe Manchin as our junior senator would be akin to have asked the Marines who went ashore at Iwo Jima in 1945 to have taken orders from a Japanese General! I do not want as my senator a man who has shown that he is in the enemy’s camp. The hard left would like nothing better than for the people of West Virginia to deliver another Obama hand maiden to the Senate of the United States! Let’s not do it!

Denver McMullen