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Drainage Topics Flood PG Council

By Staff | Sep 15, 2010

At the Pine Grove Town Council meeting held Monday evening the topic of water drainage flooded the council’s agenda. Three residents were in attendance to state their grievances and concerns regarding drain-related problems affecting two properties in town. The first two to speak stated their lawn, located near the Valley High School football field, is constantly wet due to the culverts not properly draining the water. Furthermore, clogged pipes are causing a bad smell to permeate their property. The two cited a poorly repaired culvert in the ditch by the home as being one of the problems contributing to the water back-up. Mayor Dave Barr explained the town didn’t have the resources to dig the old culvert out when they were repairing the ditch. The result was the new culvert lying on top of the existing one which has turned out to be less effective.

The council further lamented they don’t know what they can do, citing city limits, B&O Railroad, and the Board of Education as possible hindrances in repairing the ditches fully and properly. Council members discussed possible solutions including running a pipe along the road in front of the two complaintant’s lawn, to which they replied, “If the water had someplace to go, that would help us tremendously.” The council sympathized with those present and said they’d do what they could to help correct the problems.

Another resident made claims that bodily waste water is running on a regular basis into the South Fork of Fishing Creek in Stone Edition, 10 feet from his son’s fishing area. He noted the fish look diseased and smell of human waste. “I can’t allow my boy to fish there if you have a septic situation there. It’s not unreasonable to expect you people to clean it up,” the angry resident underlined. Upon hearing this news the council agreed they believe there may be a more serious problem in which the home near the creek may not be hooked up properly or at all to the town sewage system. The council resolved to call the EPA first to find out for sure what’s draining into the creek and then move forward with fixing the problem.

In other matters the council received a final letter regarding the $10,000 grant for the new water plant pump. The council extended their thanks and appreciation to Delegate Dave Pethtel, Senator Jeff Kessler, and Governor Joe Manchin for their help in acquiring the funds necessary for the new pump. They also thanked councilman John Johnson as the front-man on the project. Also, it was announced Monday evening the council will again be given cinders from the Department of Highways for this-coming winter season. It was also noted the design phase is complete on the town sewer project.

Several organizations were approved for use of the Byrd Center free of charge providing the groups thoroughly clean the center following the events. Valley High School will use the center on Oct. 2 for their homecoming dance, the Women’s Auxiliary’s Cash Bash will be held at the center Oct. 30, and a benefit dinner for Darlene Morris will be held at the Byrd Center Nov. 6.

Lastly, the council declared Halloween trick-or-treating will be held Oct. 30 from 4-6 p.m.