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Board Approves Staff Changes

By Staff | Sep 15, 2010

The Wetzel County Board of Education made a number of personnel and staffing changes Sept. 7, including approval of Ruby M. Vandyne’s retirement as half-time cook at New Martinsville School.

Resignations also were accepted from Juliann M. Allman as SAT coordinator at Short Line School and from Joshua R. Weekly as alternative education instructor at Valley High School. Allman’s assignment also was changed from countywide MI/LD/BD with Autism teacher based at SLS to kindergarten teacher at Paden City Elementary School. Michael S. Shank was approved as half-time mathematics teacher at VHS.

Shannon L. Eastham and David L. Miller were employed as countywide substitute custodians and contracted services were approved for the following persons as LINKS coordinators: Madonna S. Morgan, SLS; Rita C. Roberts, Long Drain School; and April S. Stolfer, NMS. Contracted services also were approved for Debra L. West as mentor teacher-special education, NMS.


The board approved Justina A. McGarvey as social studies teacher and issued contracted services for Sean L. Snedden, a mentor teacher-mathematics/science, and for Virgil L. Wilkins, a mentor teacher-English.


The board took Melissa K. Starkey from the RIF List and assigned her as a countywide supervisory teacher aide-special education base here and also changed the assignment of Glenda J. Hinerman. Hinerman, an SLS-based countywide supervisory teacher aide, will be based at LDS in a similar position. The board also approved Brenda McCoy as a cook II at this facility.


Alan J. Miller’s status as a countywide supervisory teacher aide was reclassified to a supervisory teacher aide, Autism, and Diane M. Brown was given contracted services as SAT coordinator at the school. Kimberly J. Gongola also was approved for contracted services as Fast ForWord building level coordinator. Heidi K. Johnston was approved for employment as an assistant soccer coach.


In other changes at NMS, Barbara L. Blain was employed as countywide MI/LD/BD with Autism teacher based here. Changes in assignments were approved for the following: Wilma M. Morris, from cook III at LDS to cook III at NMS; Kelly D. Taylor, from a countywide supervisory teacher aide at SLS to the same position at NMS; Rebecca A. Winters, from a countywide supervisory teacher aide based at LDS to the same position based at NMS; and Cynthia A. Zajdowicz, from a countywide supervisory special education teacher aide to a similar position for kindergarten.


Elliot L. Kendle’s assignment was changed from kindergarten teacher to fifth grade teacher and Christina M. Mace’s assignment was changed from fourth grade teacher-special education to fourth grade teacher. Mace’s change is contingent on there being an open position at the time she becomes eligible for it.

At Paden City High School, Edward V. Amos Jr. was employed as golf coach, a non-certified position, and contracted services were issued for Rebecca Meckley as mentor-teacher, social studies.


Carla Neely Wade was hired as countywide MI/LD/BD with Autism teacher based at this school and the assignment of Kimberly D. Ueltschy was changed from the Reduction-in-Force list to countywide supervisory teacher aide.

Contracted services were approved for Charles R. Blair in the positions of mentor-teacher in kindergarten, reading, and special education, while Abram S. Highley was employed as the school’s athletic director. Velisha I. Shepherd’s assignment was changed from half-time countywide gifted teacher to countywide preschool special needs teacher for this school and LDS.


The board changed Mary S. Bissett’s assignment from countywide supervisory teacher aide-special education to the same position for Early Start students at the Wetzel County Center for Children and Families.

A change in assignment was approved for Terry D. Greene from supervisory teacher aide-special education at WCCCF to the county office. Greene will be secretary III/computer operator/accountant II/coordinator of Title I and federal programs and moves to pay grade H.

Matthew M. Day’s bus route was changed from Proctor/Grandview/North Paden City/WCCF on bus #9 to Carney Run/Willeyville/Route 7/North Main St. with bus #25. Evan M. Jobes’ route was changed from Coburn/Big Run/North Fork/Town Hill on bus #10 to Proctor/ Grandview/North Paden City/WCCCF route on bus #9.

The route for David L. Shank also was changed. He will move from the Carney Run/ Willeyville/ Route 7/North Main St. route on bus #35 to the Alternate 180/South Rt. 2 route on bus #30. Meanwhile, Teresa S. Jackson was employed as a countywide substitute bus operator, pending certification, and Linda T. Kirk was approved as a countywide substitute teacher.