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We All Must Wage War

By Staff | Sep 8, 2010

While we hate to see anyone involved with heroin, or any other drug for that matter, we are glad to see local law enforcement agents arrested four Paden City residents last week for conspiracy to deliver heroin.

The war against drugs is a tough one, but our local officers are working at winning the battle.

It seems that the drug arrests are becoming more frequent. The magistrate report on page 9B lists several drug-related convictions and the new grand jury indictments will be handed down soon. We only hope some of those felonies include drug charges.

While the war against drugs can probably never be fully won, it is our hope that the drug dealers and users will get the message that it will be caught and prosecuted in this area. Take your business elsewhere.

But of course the war against drugs is not only fought by law enforcement officers. It is important that regular citizens also be vigilant. Teach your children and grandchildren about the dangers of drugs. Check backpacks for any suspicious signs. Watch for any unusual behavior. Keep your prescription drugs locked up. Report any suspicious activity. Be informed.

A good way to join in the fight is to attend the Citizens Against Drug Abuse meeting that takes place the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Lewis Wetzel Family Center.

For more information on the group contact New Martinsville Mayor Lucille Blum at 304-455-9120.